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Darling 2 is a horror comedy movie directed by debutant Sathish Chandrasekaran with Kalaiyarasan as the lead. Radhan who gave acclaimed musical scores in Telugu returns back to Tamil after his tepid debut album Vaaliba Raja. Let's check whether Radhan able to deliver his sophomore album in an impressive manner or not.

Machi Vaadaa nee:

Machi Vaadaa nee en friend is a peppy techno sound laden track where the amusing intermittent film dialogues being the only take away from this song. This song mostly works in parts and as a full package, Radhan's tune, as well as arrangements, seems to be inconsistent. The lead vocals by Ramee sound apt. Overall partially engaging song from Radhan.

Olarava Olarava:

Olarava Olarava, techno kuthu song where Radhan does comparatively better with the enticing techno sounds in the interludes while the tune is simple and confined well within the genre. Varun Padmanabanof Namma Ooru boy band fame oozes out the enough energy required for the song while Ramee ably supports with his vocals. Muthamil's colloquial and accessible lyrics help the song.

Ni Sa Gari Sa:

Radhan showcases his prowess in Hindustani-based song Ni sa Gari sa and the composer employed fabulous accordion along with piano and tabla brilliantly throughout the song. Naresh Iyer and Anweshaa Duttadid a splendid job in rendering this lovely song. Radhan mixed the brief chant portion in the second interlude to give the outlandish feel. Overall Radhan delivered the song in Tamil which matches his repertoire in Telugu.


Kaatril ticks off every sound one can expect in the horror genre starting with gushing winds, screeching sound, haunting piano along with sweeping string sections, bells and other assorted sounds. HoweverNikhitha Gandhi's whispery resonant vocal being the highlight of this eerie track which will blend better with visuals than as a standalone soundtrack.

Darling 2 theme track:

Darling 2 theme track's ambience is well within the framework of the horror genre but Radhan spruces up the things with Ramees's vocals amidst the techno sounds, however, the short duration of the track creates the less impact on the listeners.

Verdict: Radhan's sophomore album in Tamil is undeniably better than his debut work considering the horror genre. However, his Telugu repertoire still sounds diverse and impressive compared to Tamil.

My rating: 2.75/5

Picks of the Album: Ni saGarisa, Kaatril, OlaravaOlarava

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