First Movie Review of ‘Singam 3’ – PASIA VASOOL Mass Entertainer..!!


Suriya :

 Suriya hardwork and dedication is seen in each and every frame. Suriya takes risk in stunts.His energy level is electrifying. Suriya is still young in screen. rest of the character from singam 2007 is some ageing in their face. Suriya take this on his shoulder.In one word says - award worthy performance.

Director hari :

Hari delivering a tight screenplay with massive dialogue.First half is mixed with romance,love and emotional scenes and some stunts.So first half is good to watch. In second half- film is in rocket mode speed with the help of tight screeplay and sharp dialogue. One Beauty of the film is, There is no dull moment in a single frame. Suriya - Hari comes with a bang.Hatsoff hari sir.

Cast & Crew :

                             Music                    - Harris Jayaraj weeks in song sequence but strong in background score.

                                                                 some scenes are boosted by Harris music.

                            Stunts                    - Kanal kannan gives Bone Breaking Action Stunts

                            Editing                  - Sharp cuts

                            Cinematography - Eye Cathing locations and new colors added in songs.

                             Director                - one word : Tight screeplay, sharp dialogues.

Conclusion :

Suriya-Hari Combo magic repeats again this time Too.No doubt, Singam 3 (Si3) is better than the 2nd part.It will rock the box-office this weekend in India & Overseas.However,Delay release of singam 3 is major impact in Box-Office. Due to ( Demonitisation, vardha Puyal, Jallikattu protest).

Don't miss it ! - Surely Entertain you people.

Rating :  3.25 / 5


Crictic Reviews :

Singam 3 is PASIA VASOOL Mass Entertainer..!! 

Suriya ” ROARING Lion of India ” is Back with Bang ! Suriya Steals the Show all the way. He gave Mindblowing Performance. Seriously, He gave Award Worthy Performance. His fans will go gaga over him. Anushka Shetty & Shruti Hassan gave fine Performances. Good Performances by all supporting actors. First and Second Half is full on Racy. No Dull Moment throughout the film. 

Rocking Songs, Bone Breaking Action Stunts ! Simply Best Action Sequences i’ve ever seen in Kollywood. Hatsoff to Action Director. Eye Catching Cinematography, Excellent Direction by Hari. Sharp & Crispy Editing & Clap Worthy Dialogues.

Overall ! Strongly Recommended to all of u. It will ROCK the Boxoffice this Weekend in India & Overseas. Don’t Miss it.

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