Idhu Namma Aalu Song Review



Kaathaga simple passable song with the sense of deja-vu associated with the tune while composer tries to make the song enticing with the appealing arrangements especially loved where classical string met local kuthu in the interlude. Simbu pulls off the song with ease both in terms of vocals and colloquial lyrics.

King Kong:

King Kong is a typical techno sounds laden track however auto tuning of Shruthi Hasaan's vocals irks a lot while T R Kuralarasan sounds fine and his vocals similar to Simbu.  Blaaze aces the brief rap portions and the song is quite enjoyable till it lasts although nothing ground-breaking with respect to tune or EDM sounds.

Kanne un Kadhal

Kanne un Kadhal is another fair song in the album and the song's highlight is particularly lovable solo violin and string sections amidst techno sounds. Yuvan Shankar Raja's singing is quite confined to his territory and accentuates the feeling that this song is composed by Yuvan himself. Overall this song is an engaging one in the album mainly because of Yuvan and arrangements.

Maaman waiting:

Maaman waiting's tune and sounds are not an ear friendly one with T R Rajendar in the credit list of singers, the listeners can expect raw energy from the song and he delivers it in his own style. The song is strictly for T Rajendar fans and not for music lovers. Suchitra and Blaze bolster the song along with T Rajendar.

Oru Thalai Raagam:

Oru Thalai Raagam is easily best in the album where Kuralarasan aces in the arrangements with engaging piano notes and sweeping string sections throughout the song. Kuralarasan's lyrics also quite an apt one in conveying the mood of the song and Sri Ram Parthasarathy sounds fabulous with his rendition. The song's another version has Simbu behind the vocals and he sounds equally good. The arrangements are kept intact in Simbu's version also and the song surely will satiate the fans.

Verdict: Kuralarasan's debut is nothing ground breaking but sounds quite good and enjoyable. The influence of Thaman, Yuvan and Simbu is apparent both in terms of tune and orchestration of the songs

Rating: 2.5/5

Picks of the Album: Oru Thalai Raagam, KanneunKadhal, Kaathaga

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