kabali’s all time best in USA & UK in tamil cinema



Kabali is #1 in All-Time USA and UK Opening Weekend Box Office

Rajinikanth's Kabali took the overseas market by storm last week and by the end of the opening weekend, few overseas territories have already entered into profit zone.    

All - Time No.1 in USA Opening Weekend Box Office

In USA, the movie released in 240+ screens and grossed $3,616,002 in the opening weekend. Kabali is the first Tamil movie to garner $3 Million+ revenue in the Opening Weekend. In USA, all the first 3 spots of the opening weekend record table is now occupied by Rajinikanth films. 

Record-breaking opening in UK; but is break-even possible? 


While the USA and other overseas locations like Malaysia, Singapore and Gulf nations are likely to turn profitable for the distributors, UK & other European countries' distributors are still finding it tough to break-even. Kabali took a grandeur opening in the UK by collecting £292,295 (including Tamil and Telugu versions). Considering the price at which the movie was sold, Kabali needs to generate another £80k to get a break-even, which is tough, say trade experts.

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