Mirudhan Song Review


Munnal Kadhali:

Imman is one of the composers who utilize Vishal Dadlani's vocals effectually with the right mix of his signature angst voice as well as his melodious one. Though Munnal Kadhali didn't match with the combo's previous super hit song in Romeo Juliet, Thoovanam, the song is adequately enjoyable mainly because of the Vishal's vocals. The main highlight of the orchestration is the brilliant usage of a bagpiper, flutes throughout the song. Sharanya Gopinath supports with her brief mix of English and gibberish words.

Veri Veri:

Veri Veri rides mainly on the sprightly rendition of Suraj Jagan and the genre is the cakewalk for the singer while Maria Kavitha Thomas impresses with her brief haunting hummings interspersed throughout the song. However the electric guitar is predominantly conventional and the song may fit the bill perfectly with the visuals.

Mirudha Mirudha:

Mirudha Mirudha's sole strength is the symphonic orchestration conducted by Chennai Strings Orchestra, lovely clarinet prelude and ever reliable sweet rendition by Shreya Goshal while Vijay Yesudas bolstered the song with his vocals in soaring portions. Karky marks his presence with his imaginative lyrics once again. Overall Mirudha Mirudha is the pleasant composition where vocals, lyrics and orchestration blend together well.

Munnal Kadhali (reprise):

Munnal Kadhali's reprise version is also equally enjoyable listen where another prolific singer Haricharandoes the fabulous job behind the vocals. The orchestration is predominantly filled with Nathan's brilliant sax and keys throughout the song. Haricharan's vocals totally brought another dimension to the lovely song.

Theme tracks:

Horrifying Zombies theme music is pulsating enough and the programming is effectual which gives the mix of haunting, dark tone required for the theme of this genre. Bitten by Insanity theme is an eclectic mix of sounds which starts with Karthik Iyer's solo violin followed by wonderful symphonic orchestration with string instruments with occasional mix of typical chorus sections.

Verdict: Imman's soundtrack for Mirudhan is in tandem with the genre of the movie and Imman's collaboration with Chennai strings Orchestra pays off well especially in theme music and title song.

Rating: 3/5

Picks of the Album: Mirudha Mirudha, Munnal Kadhali , Theme tracks

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