Latest Cinema Trending News – 22.01.2017



      ♥   Rajinikanth's heart-felt statement on the Jallikattu massacre

         Disturbing visuals - Anti socials running riot in the name of Jallikattu protests

         Simbu asks protesters to stay calm | Jallikattu Protest

         ''Please understand that there is nothing like a permanent law'', Arvind Swami

      ♥   ‘‘I did hope for a better ending’’ - RJ Balaji

      ♥   ''I only hope they are actors and not real policemen'', Kamal Haasan

      ♥   ''They are not only misusing my name, but also....'', Vishal

      ♥   Suriya slaps PETA with a legal notice

          Kamal Haasan retorts to Subramaniyan Swamy

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