Will G.V. Prakash Satisfied B & C center audience this time in KIK ?


Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru :

GV.Prakash establishing himself as an acceptable hero in tamil movies. but few movies of him are not suit for the family audience. B and C center audience enjoy his movie well . There is a big question mark for GV prakash to pulling a A centre audience in theatre. This time GV.Prakash teaming up with well known director Rajesh.M. so that he will satisfy all center audience this time. Film gets ' U ' certificate. he compete with simbu in this weekend ( Achcham yenbathu madamaiyada ).

Positives :

           *  Rajesh.M

           *  Comedy entertainer script

           *  B & C crowd puller.

Negatives :

           *  Screening in less number of theatres, bcoz KASHMORA and KODI movie gets good occupancy.

           *  Compete with B list actor ( simbu ). 

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