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Simbu requested fans ! Do this only For legend sp balasubrahmanyam Sir

A few hours ago, The management of the private hospital said we provide high end treatment to singer SP Balasubramaniam. As of now he was still in a critical condition.

This has come as a shock to the fans. As his health continues to be critical he is praying to various celebrities to recover from it soon. Director Bharathiraja has called for a joint prayer for SBP tomorrow at 6 p.m. He has invited many actors including Rajini, Kamal and Vijay to participate in it.

Meanwhile, actor Simbu has released a scathing statement about SBP. He also invited fans to attend the joint prayer. 

“Greetings to all the fans, friends, and more like me who have lived and listened to the song. It’s the voice that has saved so many lives.

All he has to do is listen to the song to feel the word sweetness emotionally. He is the teacher who performed miracles in Tamil cinema.

Today he is waiting for the return from the hospital. The consensus of our prayer is to perform miracles with Him and bring Him back to us. SBP is not a name. It is the medicine that makes the air melodic. His return is very important to us.

Legends need to be secured with us. They should sing and beg God to restore what is among us. As per the initiative of our director Himayam Bharatiraja to wake up our ‘singing moon’, I request all of us to play SBP’s song on Thursday the 20th at 6 pm and pray for him.

Sincerely, Silambarasan TR

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