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Surya and Hari combo ‘Aruva’ in trouble?

Actor Surya and Hari give so many super hit films in Tamil cinema.

The Surya-Hari combo, which started its winning streak with six  blockbuster films, then went on to record successes with Vel, Aaru, Singam One, Two and Three.

Singam 3 was not satisfied film critic. After that Hari Vikram gave Sami 2 a knee-jerk picture.

Saamy 2 failed at box office. Hari lose his commercial value. Thus everyone thought that Hari had run out of track. In this situation ,Surya was immediately given the opportunity to film. Film titled as ‘Aruva’

Surya told Hari to make several changes in the story. He has already acted in the same story and now he wants to make a difference in the story as he is getting a series of failed films.

“I don’t know what the difference is to a commercial film,” Harry said. However, it has been reported that Surya has dropped the film due to his dissatisfaction despite making many changes.

Arun vijay may be lead role in this film.

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